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Cantine di Marzo


Where Greco di Tufo was born. From 1647 to Tufo (Av). In 1647 Scipione di Marzo, founder of the family, left San Paolo Belsito to escape the plague that was raging there, and found refuge in Tufo (Av). Legend tell he brought the vines of a Wine called Greco di Nola.

Masseria Nel Sole

Masseria nel sole

“Masseria nel Sole” has deep roots, rooted in time. Is located in Puglia, Lucera, land of ancient origins is famous for its important historical link with the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. The agricultural products, grapes, olives, tomatoes and more, are grown on our soil with organic certification.

Award-Winning Wine!


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Award-Winning Wine!
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Maltovivo born in Ponte, in Benevento, a village located on the course of Alenta stream. Home of commercial traffic in the Roman era, it is located along the Via Latina, which put in Benevento communication with Telesia until arriving in Rome, still it occupies a strategic position.


The company is located in the countryside of Fiumicino in the province of Rome, few kilometers from the oldest pub in Italian history, the Domus cerevisiae, came to light in the nearby excavations of Ostia Antica. The system allows the production of about 7,000 hectoliters of beer per year.

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