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General Conditions of Contract for Users

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This document, the information concerning the processing of personal data and all the rules of conduct and use, also subsequently published on our site, describing the terms and conditions under which Quolit gives access to users its website and to its services. They are available in the sections of the main information “Guide” and “FAQ” page on our conditions, together to the information concerning the processing of personal data, form an integral and substantial part of these conditions.

Using our services the user agrees to carefully read these conditions together to the information concerning the processing of personal data and undertakes to respect the rules of conduct and usage spelled out in these documents. If you do not accept our terms and conditions please don’t use our services.


USER: The expression “User” means a consumer benefits of our services and that, in any case, makes access to one of the site’s pages:

SELLER: The expression “Seller” means the holder of a professional business enterprise that publishes on our site products and selling them through our intermediary.

INSERTION: For insertion means the advertisement published by the seller that describes a product marketed by the same.

SERVICES: Unless otherwise specified, shall mean services relating to the publication of ads relating to marketed products, the processing of orders, shipments, payments, integration with social networks, sending promotional newsletters, registration to the site.

CHECKOUT: It is the stage of the buying process in which you provide your data, choose the shipment and confirm the payment.

PAYPAL: This is a gateway for the management of online payments, used at the site, head of the service is: PayPal Inc., parent company of PayPal (Europe) S.A.R.L.

STRIPE: It is a gateway for the management of online payments (credit / prepaid cards), used at the site, head of the service is: Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd.


THE CONTRACT – The contract is part QUOLIT SRL based in PALERMO (ITALY) Via Alessio Narbone 49 (AP) – CAP: 90139 – VAT: 06393630824 – N. ICR. REA: 328183 – PEC:

PURPOSE – Quolit is an electronic trading platform that offers its users the opportunity to buy selected products belonging to the sellers advertisers with confidence and security. Quolit arises, moreover, without this constituting an obligation, as an intermediary in resolving disputes between users and vendors in order to simplify the remote transactions. Quolit centralizes the processing of orders, payments and shipments to expedite the transaction and ensure high levels of execution of the sellers services.

OWNERSHIP OF THE GOODS SOLD – Quolit has neither the property nor the possession of marketed goods. The contract of sale, at the time of purchase, will be considered, therefore, concluded directly between user and vendor.

INDICATIONS AND PRODUCTS INFORMATION – The information about the products, such as: price, features, images, such, although detailed, are only approximate. Quolit no direct control over the work of sellers listing members of the platform, therefore does not grant you any responsibility about legality, falsity, veracity, accuracy and insertion, as well as in quality and existence of the object insertion products. It does not guarantee the successful outcome of the transaction except for the right to the user to a refund of amounts paid, retained as a precaution on their accounts for 14 days from the date of purchase.

The introduction, definitions and conditions are an integral part of these conditions

Conditions for Purchase

Art. 1. The Buyer who accesses the site or use our services must refrain from the following behaviors:

a. Violate the law, rights of others or the rules of these conditions;

b. Use the site if the Buyer does not have the capacity to act or has been suspended by our services;

c. Enter on the registration form and / or in the process of completing the order incorrect data that could compromise the execution of orders and the correct implementation of the Services;

d. Post offensive, defamatory or libelous reviews;

e. Use robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the services, except with prior authorization;

f. Make an unreasonable and disproportionate overload of our infrastructure;

g. Copy and / or modify rights or contents of the site;

h. Collect in a manual or automatic way informations about other users, including e-mail addresses without authority;

Art. 2 Quolit SRL starts to provide services to the Purchaser from the time of registration to the site and / or the despatch of an order for the purchase of a product. In accordance with Art. 59 of the Consumer Code (D. lgs. n. 206/2005), is not allowed to exercise the right of withdrawal after the start of the service. It also states the free exercise of the right of withdrawal in respect of:

a. the trading of products, to be exercised, exclusively, to the Seller in accordance with Art. 7 of these conditions;

b. the use of services, to be exercised against Quolit under Art. 6 of the same conditions.

Art. 3 Quolit SRL reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed accounts or inactive for longer than six months.

Termination of the contract

Art. 4 Without prejudice to further remedies provided for by law, in the event of default, Quolit SRL may enjoin the Purchaser to comply within a period not less than 15 days of the request. In case of non-fulfillment Quolit SRL may cancel these conditions, restrict, suspend, terminate its services and the Buyer’s account.

Art. 5 Quolit SRL will adopt the measures referred to in Art. 5, without any notice to the Purchaser, in the event that:

a.The Purchaser has committed a breach of its obligations of conduct referred to in Art. 2;

b.The Purchaser has undertaken actions that could lead to problems or legal responsibility for Quolit SRL;

c.The Purchaser engages in conduct likely to hamper the proper fulfillment of the order (but not limited to: repeated absence from the product delivery address with a subsequent increase in costs for Quolit SRL);

d. The Buyer fails to pay the shipping costs as regulated in Art. 9


Art. 6 The withdrawal from these conditions you can exercise with a notice of two months by sending a written communication to this email manifesting the intention to withdraw from the conditions. If Quolit withdrawal will cancel the account and any personal data of the Buyer.

Art. 7 The exercise of the right of withdrawal for the marketing of products by electronic as well as governed by Arts. 64 et seq. Of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree. 206/2005) is considered effective against the seller of the product not having Quolit SRL or ownership or possession of marketed. Quolit, however, in order, non-binding, to provide its users a faster resolution of practices concerning the withdrawal, it stands as an intermediary. For the purpose, therefore, of exercising the right of withdrawal the Purchaser is required to follow the following procedure:

a. Send a written notice to the e-mail or, if the purchase took place by Ebay ™, via the integrated messaging service from eBay ™. Notification should be made within ten working days from the date of purchase of the object;

b. Accompany the e-mail with additional information needed to identify the order on our systems, such as: ORDER NUMBER, PURCHASER NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS REGISTERED ON EBAY or QUOLIT.COM ™;

c. Following the confirmation of the requirements necessary for the exercise of withdrawal rights by Quolit SRL, Buyer promptly and at its own expense send the product in perfect condition and function to the seller from whom you purchased. Shipment must necessarily be traceable for the purposes of proof of delivery of the product.

d. Checked the state of the product by the Seller, Quolit SRL or, alternatively, the Seller, the Buyer shall promptly reimburse for the full amount, less the cost of shipping, in any case to the Purchaser.

Art. 8 If Buyer requires payment on delivery and does not undertake to pay to the carrier, resulting in returning to the sender of the product, the conduct shall be considered as tacit exercise of the right of withdrawal and raise up to the Purchaser the obligation to repay to Quolit SRL the costs of shipment by bank transfer (IBAN: IT26M0306905143100000005443, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank).

Exercise of the security right on the products

Art.9 In case of malfunction of the products, in accordance with Law (D.lgs. 24/2002), the Purchaser may exercise the right to guarantee within a period of two years directly to the Seller. Quolit, however, in order, non-binding, to provide its buyers a faster resolution of the practices relating to the guarantee arises as an intermediary. For the purpose, therefore, the period of the warranty claim the Buyer must follow the following procedure:

a. Send a written notice to the e-mail adress or, if the purchase took place by Ebay ™, using the integrated messaging service at Ebay ™, manifesting the will to exercise the right to guarantee within two years, to the consumer buyer, and a year, for the professional Buyer, payable from the date of purchase of the object;

b. Accompany the e-mail with additional information needed to identify the order on our systems, such as: ORDER NUMBER, PURCHASER NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS REGISTERED ON EBAY or QUOLIT.COM ™, as well as with the exact indication of the PRODUCT DEFECT;

c. Following confirmation of the requirements necessary for the exercise of warranty claims by Quolit SRL, Buyer promptly and at their own expense should send the product to the Seller from whom it was purchased. Shipment must necessarily be traceable for the purposes of proof of delivery of the product. Seller, verified that the malfunction falls within those contemplated for the exercise of warranty claims, repair or replace the product at its own expense and ensure delivery of the same. In the case of repair or replacement is impossible, the Seller shall refund in whole or in part the product price;

d. If the product sent to the exercise of the warranty claim does not meet the requirements established by law for the exercise of the right itself, the Seller will ship the product to the Buyer under the same conditions, upon payment by the same cost Shipping.


Art. 10 Quolit only accepts the following payment systems:

a.  PayPal™

b. Supported payment cards for the circuits: American Express, Visa, Mastercard;

c. Mark;

d. Bank Transfer, only for sale by eBay ™.

Art. 11 The Payment by Mark provides for an additional fee of € 5.00 and is permitted for amounts not exceeding € 999.00.

Art. 12 Payments by cards are managed from pos PayPal ™ online system if the sale takes place by Ebay ™, or from pos Stripe ™ online system, if done at the site, any failure or malfunction will attributable to respectively PayPal ™ and Stripe ™, Quolit SRL will not be held in any way responsible


Art. 13 All shipments are borne by the Buyer, unless otherwise specified. The package also travels to risk the Buyer and no liability will be attributed to Quolit SRL in case of damage to the item by the carrier.

Art. 14 Insurance is included in the price of each shipment, in the event of product loss and bewilderment will be able to rely on the Buyer to obtain compensation from the company that manages the shipping service.

Art. 15 At the moment of the delivery of the goods, the Purchaser is required to check that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is stated in the invoice and in the transport document, and that the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials. Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery to control by putting WRITTEN (specifying the reason for the reserve) on the proof of delivery courier. Once signed the document courier without any reservation, the Purchaser may not make any objection about the appearance of what was delivered.

Art. 16 The shipping costs are calculated automatically from the site or from Ebay ™ and expressly explained at checkout.

Conditions for Purchase

Art. 17 Buyer, purchasing on or on Quolit SRL store on Ebay ™, is committed to comply with these conditions and to read the ad entirely.

Art. 18 Payment by card or PayPal must be made immediately upon placing the order, cancel the payment during the phases of the same at the Stripe or PayPal ™ site, results in the immediate cancellation of the order. The cash payment must be made in the hands of the carrier at the time of delivery and in exact figure (the carrier does not provide the rest);

Art. 19 The order is sent in case of cash on delivery and payment same context to the order in case of payment by card or paypal form for the buyer act of signing a legally binding purchase agreement with the Seller.

Registration Agreement Terms, the Newsletter, integration with social networks

Art.20. The Purchaser is recorded on Quolit or by using the feedback page or automatically when buying a product. Registration for the site will be deemed acceptance of these conditions standards. The data acquired will be processed as shown in our information on the subject of personal data. It will be possible to cancel the Account at Quolit, exercising the withdrawal from these conditions as regulated by Art. 6.

Art. 21 The Registered Buyer is automatically registered to our newsletter service which provides for the periodic sending of email for promotional purposes. The Purchaser may at any time cancel your subscription to the newsletter service by clicking the link “Cancel Subscription” located at the bottom of each email sent. The cancellation to the service newsletter does not cause the cancellation Account.

Art.22 If the Buyer create or login to your account using the services of integration with social networks (Clicking on the link “Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter or Log in with Google+”) associated with your Social Network account to your account on Quolit . Quolit will not publish any content without the express consent of the Purchaser, the social integration with the exclusive aim of improving the buyer experience with a faster login. The use of integration services involves the acquisition by Quolit image Buyer profile that is used solely to customize the site’s pages.


Art. 23 If any provision of these terms prove to be invalid or unenforceable, any invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect any remaining provisions.

Art. 24 These conditions are transferable from Quolit the same terms or on terms that are no less advantageous to the Buyer.

Art. 25 The section headings of these terms are merely indicative purposes and in no way limit or describe the meaning and the content of its articles.

Art. 26  The non-exercise of a right by Quolit SRL does not represent a waiver of action against the Purchaser or to any third party for breach of commitments.

Art. 27 In the case that the Purchaser has a dispute with a Seller, Buyer agrees to hold Quolit SRL harmless from any claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of any nature, known or unknown, arising out of or in any way connected to this dispute.

Art. 28 Quolit SRL may modify at any time the contents of the conditions, communicating the changes via email or by posting the amended terms on site. Unless otherwise specified, all new contracts will automatically be effective thirty days from the date of publication. Within the period of thirty days, but before new contract terms are effective, the Purchaser will be free to withdraw without notice, subject to completion of current orders.

Art. 29 These conditions are also effective in the event that the purchase takes place by eBay ™ in the compatibility of the same limits with the general conditions of Ebay ™ contract.

Dispute resolution, applicable law, jurisdiction

Art. 30 In case of dispute between the Buyer and Quolit SRL, we may want to take advantage of our customer service to find an agreed resolution.

Art. 31 Any legal notices must be sent to: QUOLIT SRL based in PALERMO (ITALY) Via Alessio Narbone 49 (PA) – CAP: 90139 – PEC:

Art. 32. Quolit SRL Buyer will send communications to the email address specified at registration or at the address indicated at the time of dispatch.

Art. 33 These conditions are governed by Italian law;

Art. 34 Any dispute regarding the application or interpretation of these conditions is the exclusive competence of the Court of Palermo, subject to the rights of consumers to appeal to the hole of their place of residence.