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Frequent Asked Questions


Why choose Quolit?

Quolit is the only e-commerce that chooses qualified vendors, centralizes all the payments and uses an efficient method for the shipments. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee a top ranked security and the best efficiency for your transactions. Furthermore we offer you top quality products completely made in Italy.

For further information take a look to the dedicated page.

Who guarantees the quality of the products?

To join Quolit each vendors have to pass our quality test based on rigorous standards that aim to prove the quality of the products and the reliability of the vendors.

Where do the products come from?

Every single product comes straight from a vendor or a company that is based and produces in Italy.

Are the products Made in Italy?

Absolutely yes! We want to help our country and improve the small manufactoring economy. We practice a strict control on each product uploaded to check that it is conforme to our standards.

Who works behind Quolit?

Quolit was founded by 3 young boys: Agostino Aurelio Sarzana, Nicola De Vita e Francesco Lombardo. The main reason is their ambition of do things better for what concerns the e-commerce, moreover they are driven by the desire to help all the small vendors or companies that have difficulty coping the digital world.

Can I purchase the products from allover the world?

At the moment Quolit sells its products only in Italy and in the European Union area, but we are working on expanding our activity into other area of the world.


Do I have to be registered to purchase something?

You are not obliged  to be registered to purchase the products. By the way, being registered enables you to better track your order and purchase faster.

How can I be registered?

You can join us in two ways:

From every page of our website you will find the “Account” button where you can enter your email and choose a password, then you will have to click on “register” and fill the blank space with your personal information.

Purchasing a product, I will have to enter your personal information because of the shipment and, if you will like, you will be able to check the square below in order to summit your personal information.

Why should I register?

Being registered means having a lot of benefits such as the faster purchase or promotional newsletters with special discounts. For further information about your privacy have a look to our privacy policy.

How can I recover my password?

It is extremely simple. You only have to click on the “Account” button in the upper side of the page and make a request for changing the password entering you email address.

Additional Services

How do I leave a comment?

Quolit allows users to leave a comment about the products. You can leave a comment both if you buy the product or not. If you will leave a comment you will get the status of “verified user”.

In order to leave a comment, you will have to fill the blank spaces the the lower part of the product’s page. It is not possibile to remove a comment once it is written.

PAY ATTENTION. Quolit has the right to control the quality of the comments and their adequacy to the context.

What is the Wishlist?

Quolit aims to realize your dreams! That is why, once you are registered, you have the possibility of saving the products you like the most in a Wishlist.

Creating a Wishlist is very easy; once charged the product’s page you just have to click on “Add to the Wishlist”. If you would like to buy the product you have saved, you will have to open the wishlist page and start the purchase process.

If you like, you can even share your wishlist on the social networks. You will have to click on the social networks’ links and then your friend will know about what you like!

Purchasing on Quolit

How do I find the products?

With Quolit you can find the product in several ways.

The easiest method is to enter the product name in the search bar (in the upper side of the page) where you can enter also the brand or the category that you want to find out. Moreover, you can surf our product categories or, starting from a specific product page, you can explore the vendor’s page clicking on the link below the description “Find out the products[…]”

How can I purchase something?

Purchase something on Quolit is very simple! Once opened the product page, you will have to click on the “buy” button.

PAY ATTENTION. For some products you will have to choose the product’s features first (size, color…) and then you will have to click on the “buy” button.

In this way the product will be added to the cart that you can always check or modify: you just need to move your pointer to the grey bar in the upper side and click on the cart to see the preview of your products.

Now you have to enter your personal information and go on with your payment clicking on “Process the order”.

How do I have to pay?

Once completed the space with your personal informations, you will have to accept our terms and click on “Process the order” to make the payment page appears.Even in this case, because of the Italian law, you will have to enter the information requested.

A lot of payment methods are allowed: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and cash on delivery. All the payments are processed in extreme control and safety and you don’t need to be registered. For the “cash on delivery” method you will have to give to the courier the right amount of money because it doesn’t give change.

How can I track my order?

Once the details are verified, your order will be processed for the shipment, we will send you an email in which you will find all the information that you need about your order.

In the case of problems in the order process, we will send you an email with all the things you need to do to fix the problem.

Every single product comes from our vendors. If you have bought products from different vendors you will receive different boxes for each vendor. All the products that come from the same vendor will be packed in just one shipment.

Can I delete an order?

Once you have paid and the order has been processed, you won’t be able to delete the order, but you will be able to send the product back to us in the terms that we have explained in the general terms of our contract.

If you will immediately realize that the order is not the right one or some information are wrong, you will have to immediately comunicate it at our email address “”.

How does the shipments work?

Our shipping costs are showed when you complete your order. To exactly calculate them, click on “calculate shipping costs” in the cart page entering ZIP code, City and Country.

There is a free shipping on almost all the products sells in Italy, for the products of the food&beverage category, you will have a free shipping for all the orders of at least  € 100 coming from the same vendor. For international shipping, our shipping costs are the cheapest available.

Do I pay more shipping costs if I will buy different products?

It depends. If the products come from the same vendor, you will have just one shipping cost (and for many cases the shipping cost are for free) alternatively more then one shipping cost will be calculated.

A LITTLE TIP. If you would love to buy more spending less for the shipment, you just have to buy more product from the same vendor. (Click on the “Shop” button to see the other vendor product).

How long does the shipment take?

Our couriers use to pick up the product you order within 24 hours so that we can deliver it to you in 24/48 hours.

PAY ATTENTION: For some handmade products there could be the possibility to wait more, in that case you will be informed about the new shipping time.

I am not sure of my purchase, how do I send it back to you?

The right of withdrawal is contained into the Art. 64 and following of the italian “Codice del Consumo” (D. Lgs. 206/2005) and it is between the buyer and the vendors. Quolit is not a vendor. This is the right procedure:

  1. Send a written request via e-mail to and, simultaneously, a registered letter with return receipt to the vendor showing your interest on exercising the right of withdrawal. This must be done within 10 days from the purchase;
  2. In your e-mail and registered letter you will also have to indicate: ORDER NUMBER, ID NAME, E.MAIL YOU USED FOR QUOLIT.COM;
  3. After the information are confirmed, you will have to send back immediately, paying the costs, the perfectly intact product to the vendor you purchased it. The shipping must be perfectly traceable in order to prove that the product has been sent back.
  4. Once the vendor verified the entirety of the product, Quolit will immediately refund you for the total amount of the purchase only.

Will I have total refund in case of return?

If the return will be approved, Quolit will refund only the price of the product. Quolit will not refund the shipping costs.