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Quolit is an e-commerce born in the university environment thanks to  Agostino Aurelio Sarzana, currently the CEO, and Nicola De Vita. Then the team became bigger with our web-developer, Francesco Lombardo, the creator of the web platform  and our marketing specialist Antonino Lo Dolce. Our passion and our skills are mixed together in this ambitious project in order to give back to Italy an efficient tool to increase its exchanges and to give a little help to all the dealers, entrepreneurs or just people that want to purchase a very special Italian product.

Nice to meet You!

Agostino Aurelio Sarzana


Founder and CEO

I was born in Palermo and, after my classical studies, I moved to Rome where I am currently study Law at LUISS Guido Carli University. However my passions are not always related to law: I love innovations, computers and tech in general, but also economics and philosophy. I am also the owner of Tirillo SRL that holds “SuperQuadroItaly”, a consulting firm.  I firmly think that studying just for knowing something more is not very useful, you have to use it in order to do something for the others being a part of the system. For this reason I have always worked on creating tools that could be useful for society.

Quolit is the perfect mix of all that I love the most: a legal challenge among customers’ protection and exchanges development. This is a perfect match between modern technologies and an innovative idea useful to my country and to the people. Quolit is something created through the years, developed with a lot of sacrifices that gives the chance to make the small economic activities great.

Quolit is an opportunity, a dream, a service to the community!

Francesco Lombardo


Co-Fouder and Web Developer

I was born in Palermo where I studied informatics, my biggest passion. For this reason I studied to gain a lot of certificates and now I am a satisfied Microsoft systems administrator. Sometimes my passion pushes me over the limit leading me to build something new in order to help the others in their work.

I joined this project because I think it is a fascinating professional challenge. I am pleased to spend my knowledge and my ideas on this project because I strongly believe in it.

I believe in  Quolit and its potential!

Giulia Catone


Quolit Magazine

I was Born in Penne in 1994 and then I moved to Rome to finish the High School at Villa Flaminia. Now I study Law at LUISS Guido Carli (Rome) in order to realize my dream of becoming a lawyer. My determination and my journalistic skills are the two reasons why I am here, in fact I strongly think that these could be helpful tools for this project.

I joined Quolit because the idea of build a magazine is something very unique in this area and it is the right tool to inform all the future customers. Thanks to my dedication, all the Quolit customers will be able to gain all the information they need in order to make a conscious purchase.

Quolit is the first real fair trade e-commerce!

Nicola De Vita


Partner & Commercial Director

Born in 1994 in Castel San Pietro Terme, a small city close to Bologna. Even if my parents are from the southern part of Italy, I lived in Imola (Bologna) until I finished the High School. Now I study Law at LUISS Guido Carli (Rome). Law is not the only love of my life, I love innovations and entrepreneurship and I use to work hard to gain new information in order to comprehend better these areas and the society in which we live. For me, all the companies are not just a “money machine”, they are also something that represents histories, values and people. The passion for art led me to the research of the beauty each day of my life and this is just what I want to reach in my career.

Quolit is the perfect mix of all the values I share: courage and Made in Italy. Here I have found all the passion and the determination that distinguish big dreams, I have found a concrete project able to  offer something to who believes in the Italian beauty and wants to challenge the digital industry.

I support who has courage and risks to realize its dream.

Antonino Lo Dolce


Marketing Specialist

I was born in Palermo in 1993 and I have been lived there until the end of the High School. Then I moved to LUISS Guido Carli (Rome) where I graduated in Management. I am currently a MSc student attending a Marketing Analytics course. My passion for economics and business is something that grew up with me and, for this reason, I always love to watch all the details of the products  comparing each other. Once I became older I realize that Marketing is the tool I need in order to understand better what I like.

When the team asked me to join Quolit I was really impressed and full of joy and satisfaction. I think that the possibility Quolit gives to the vendors is a huge one. It has a space for all the Italian excellences that want to increase their economies developing a new way of sell their product challenging the new digital markets. Furthermore, the things that the team is made by young people makes it even more enjoyable.

Quolit is pure passion ed innovation.