Prodotti 100% Made in Italy - Spedizione Gratis 24/48h

Quolit is the result of the love we have for our Country and our desire to change the environment making something for the others. There was an obvious problem:

“Since the digital transformation is influencing our life, even when we purchase something,  what will happen to all the small shops or small producers?”

Afraid of this scenario, we decided to create a digital world in which all these small high-quality shops can display their products to the digital users. Then our idea took off! 

Our Mission and Corporate Values

Quolit project has to be intended as a tool for all the small entrepreneurs that, because of the economic crisis and the big multinationals, have some troubles in developing a digital market for their activities.

For this reason, Quolit is keeping on use all the opportunities that the world wide web gives us making it accessible to everyone who needs. Moreover, all the e-commerces we are used to, are not enough for us. On one hand we have the customer, that needs the maximum respect but has some trouble in choosing the right digital platform in order to find the perfect product. On the other hand, we have the Italian vendor, a subject that in spite of the high-quality products he makes, has some issues for what concerns the digital transactions and decides not to digitalize its activity at all.

Quolit is thought to solve both the problems, in fact: Quolit means Quality! The passion we have enabled us to realize an efficient and safe digital platform that is also able of reducing the costs for both the players. We do not want to be a burden for people who join us, we just want to be a brand new opportunity; we do not search for periodical fees, we just need a small rate on each product sold just to keep on doing our service better. As a recap, the future vendor will pay our rate just if he/she will sell something.

“Quolit is a possibility more that doesn’t cost more! “

Quolit is just the intermediary between the customers and the vendors, in order to guarantee the security both need, the rapidity of the transactions and the products’ high quality. In this way, you will be able to choose the vendor you like the most, not taking care of all the logistics stuff and the vendor will be completely supported in its activity.

In order to realize all of this, we created an online magazine where you can found the stories of each Quolit vendor so that you will know where your products come from. Then we realized an advertising space to enable all the vendors to better display their products expressing their potential. We also have different partnerships with all the best couriers available, in order to make you enjoy your new product in the fastest way. Lastly we focused  our attention on the website security managing all the transaction with the most safety gateway available (such as PayPal).

Behind a Quolit’s order there is an incredible amount of work. It is a tested mechanism that assures that everything gonna be great in term of security, rapidity and easiness. Furthermore, in each future purchase, you will have the knowledge to do the right thing for you and for a person that is very devote to its work.