Prodotti 100% Made in Italy - Spedizione Gratis 24/48h

Quolit is the brand new e-commerce that aims to select the best products web can offer us: our team severely select the vendors in order to guarantee the best quality and originality of the the product sold. We developed a secure platform that perfect manages the incoming orders, delivering all to you in the most rapid way!

Why choosing Quolit

Choices & Quality


The digital customer always has some issues with its purchases not being sure of the quality of the product he/she is purchasing. This problem gets bigger when he/she purchases on a platform in which he/she can choose between different vendors, in fact he/she will has not the support and the security he/she deserves. What we do in order to avoid this problem is practicing a severe vendors’ selection:  we check the quality of their products, their economic stability, their computer skills, and their integrity. Moreover, having a physical shop is required. We work a lot in order to offer product that you can’t normally find on the internet so that you will be able to try something new.

Website Security & Ease


Our customer will not have to worry about the website security: all the payment are managed with PayPal™  and Stripe™ and your data are safe thanks to our ServerPlan datacenter. We also offer a lot of different services: every credit-cards or prepaid cards are allowed (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PostePay, etc.), we also allow PayPal payments or cash on delivery! All our shipments are insured for free, so that our customers will not have to worry about nothing. Moreover, all the shipments are managed by us in order to assure the fastest service available and the best post-purchase experience in case of any problems.

Assistance & Support


We never leave our customers alone: we have a complete guide for you, all the FAQs you need and a super fast mail-respond index. We strongly believe that the customer has to be supported in every single moment, especially when something goes wrong. Lastly, we supervise each vendor in order to assure the best service for our customers.

A Young Team


Quolit is an e-commerce born in the university environment thanks to  Agostino Aurelio Sarzana, currently the CEO, and Nicola De Vita. Then the team became bigger with our web-developer, Francesco Lombardo, the creator of the web platform  and our marketing specialist Antonino Lo Dolce. Our passion and our skills are mixed together in this ambitious project in order to give back to Italy an efficient tool to increase its exchanges and to give a little help to all the dealers, entrepreneurs or just people that want to purchase a very special Italian product.